Centralized Boiler System Replacement

New campus energy facility featuring (3) 250 horsepower dual fuel boilers, (2) micro-turbines with in-line heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) and (1) dark start diesel generator. The boiler & generator systems individually vented. The micro-turbine exhaust common vented. Schebler provided product selection, breeching sizing, draft calculations, as well as structural design of free-standing multi-flue stack.

Project Type: Central Utility Plant
Location: North Hampton, MA
Owner: Office of Facilities Management, Department of Veterans Affairs
Engineer: vanZelm Engineers, Farmington CT
Contractor: Ductco Inc, Bloomingfield CT
Highlights: Schebler Model P2 UL-103 Listed Breeching, 70 foot tall Schebler engineered free-standing multi-flue stack, featuring (5) individual stack risers.