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Atlantic Air Products provides technical support to engineers and designers throughout New England & New York. AAP specializes in UL listed high temperature duct system applications, including generator exhaust, grease duct systems, fire resistance ductwork systems and boiler exhaust systems. We offer both virtual and in-person educational sessions to our design clients on a variety of topics with participants earning CEU or PDH credits.

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Generator Exhaust Systems

Prefabricated generator exhaust systems fall under the Underwriters Laboratories UL-103 Listing. Proper exhaust system design requires careful consideration of the thermal expansion seen in these… Read More »

Flue Systems

Chimney systems serving high efficiency hot water heaters and boilers fall under the scope of Underwriters Laboratories UL-1738 listing. Proper design of these systems presents… Read More »

Fire Rated Ductwork Systems

Fire resistive ductwork systems are an important tool for the designer in many modern building applications. While the product is not new, there are often… Read More »

Grease Ducts / Pizza Ovens

Prefabricated grease duct systems are tested and listed under the Underwriters Laboratories UL-1978 listing and the UL-2221 classification for zero clearance to combustibles. Proper design… Read More »

Engineered Stacks

Free-standing stacks are highly engineered. Most projects require a complete structural analysis and review by a licensed structural professional. Contact us to design or review… Read More »

Acoustical / Thermal & Fire-Rated Panel Systems:

Large intake and exhaust plenums can be designed utilizing double wall acoustical panels. System design needs to take into account the insulation requirements of the… Read More »