Flue Systems

Chimney systems serving high efficiency hot water heaters and boilers fall under the scope of Underwriters Laboratories UL-1738 listing. Proper design of these systems presents a challenge to the engineer, due to the wide range of operating conditions that must be accounted for.

Contact us to design or review your entire condensing (special gas vent) or non-condensing Boiler and/or Hot Water Heater Flue System, including:

  • Draft Calculations and Sizing
  • Material Selection and Double/Single-Wall Selection
  • Dead Weight and Wind Load Calculations
  • Overdraft Review and Design Recommendations (Fan and/or Damper Systems if needed)
  • Code Compliance Review
  • Specifications (Edited for your Specific Project)
  • Detailed 2D & 3D Drawings in AutoCad or Revit